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Mix 5 Remedium
Cotton bag of 15 or 30 sachets

Remedium, from Latin remedy, medicine, help.
Wilden’s Remedia are functional herbal teas created to offer you delicious daily support on every occasion. This line is the result of careful research, selection and experimentation, aimed at offering infusions balanced in flavor and synergistic in effects. Wilden’s Remedia herbal teas, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a tasty, varied and balanced diet, are ideal for your well-being.

Wilden is an act of love to nature.

La salvezza del mondo è nella natura selvaggia.
Henry David Thoreau

Kinto Day-off
Tumbler 500ml

The Day Off bottle was created to accompany you on off, but active days. Designed to maintain the temperature and flavor of drinks for a long time, Day Off has a rounded handle comfortable to hold. Perfect for your trips, it was created to indulge slowness and enjoy your drinks until the last sip. The bright colors are inspired by relaxed seaside villages and match well with your day off.

Our herbal infusions stem out of a harmonious formula: deep knowledge, trusted suppliers, environmental protection.

Natural and organic herbs: Wilden infusions are a journey of the senses.

Remedium n°1

Remedium n°2

Remedium n°3

Remedium n°4

From ancient remedies to you: we create infusions for your daily well-being with care and passion.


[‹di∫àin› s. ingl. [propr. «drawing, project»]
We see design as the synthesis of many functionalities. We convey natural values through our visual identity and product packaging styled to the smallest detail.


[from lat. sustĭnēre], ’support’, ‘hold up’
We ensure the needs of the current generation are fulfilled without affecting the future ones. We make it possible by promoting a conscious and innovative lifestyle, closer to nature.


From ancient gr. ποιότης, lat. qualitas, from the root of this word, you learn more about the nature of a thing than its substance. For us it means to carry out an endlessly meticulous research on a well-balanced mixture of the finest ingredients.


[From lat. impingere “hit”]
In a broad sense, it’s the human influence on the environment. For us it designates a way to weave close interpersonal relations with our suppliers and to promote wholesome ingredients.