Wilden is an act of love to nature.
A proper return to the wilderness through a wide range of sustainable herbal teas infusing well-being.

Without action there is no change.
To turn its vision into reality, Wilden uses certified organic raw materials and establishes long-lasting and intertwining relationships with producers and suppliers.

Continuous research for innovation makes Wilden a fully sustainable brand. Every sachet is entirely recyclable, the filter is compostable and each herbal tea reveals an authentic taste of carefully selected herbs.

In an ever-changing world, Wilden promotes a more human and slow paced lifestyle. Savor the natural ingredients in life one sip at a time.



Wilden fosters plant education through soil fertility and unique raw materials. We rediscover ancient recipes and techniques and we adapt them to modern needs in a natural way.


What makes Wilden, it’s the people. From the producer to the little workman, each person involved is definitely an extra value in skills, commitment and effort.


See it for yourself: our products are biodegradable and the filters are compostable. In each sachet you can find all the certified organic herbs in whole pieces. We put quality first to make a difference.


Discover and cherish an ingredient with all our senses.
Learn how to taste it in an infusion or as a single element in the cooking process. Exalt and know every plant. All of this is experience for us.

Originally the brainchild of Nicola Robecchi, Delfino Sisto Legnani and Tommaso Albonetti, Wilden was born in 2018 as a holistic approach to modernity. We advocate for a gentle lifestyle starting from what we know better, the mix of ancient ingredients with proprieties waiting to be discovered again.

Founders Nicola Robecchi, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Tommaso Albonetti

Nicola Robecchi

Gastronomist, cultural explorer and entrepreneur, Nicola over the years has managed to blend passion and education. A great supporter of an alternative system of distribution and use of food, not only as a mere element of consumption, but as an integral part of an essential production chain, Nicola loves to work closely with small local producers and realities of love and research. After founding WDT Agency, a consulting agency specializing in gastronomic design, in 2018 Nicola begins a new adventure with Wilden. herbals, a reality that wants to revive the slowness of small things, proposing ancient remedies in a contemporary key.

Delfino Sisto Legnani

Formed architect, visionary by vocation, Delfino has a brilliant career in photography behind him. However, his universe does not end behind a lens, because Delfino – in addition to having collaborated with some of the most well-known international magazines, including Domus, Apartamento Magazine, Vogue, ICON, etc. – has a strong link with the world of plants and their natural habitat. Co-founder of Wilden. herbals, he deals with the artistic and imaginative direction of the project.

Tommaso Albonetti

Pharmacist and science enthusiast, Tommaso – after his studies in Pavia – has refined over the years a background in which Pharmacy and Economics merge harmoniously. Currently based in San Francisco, Tommaso is pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration while leading the American branch of an international publishing group. Despite the time zone, he continues to cultivate a connection with his roots, thanks to Wilden. herbals in which his scientific contribution and his analytical point of view, together with a great communication capacity, represent an added value.