For Wilden.herbals organic and biodegradable are words with deep meaning, it’s not just about labels.

All Wilden. herbals products come from controlled organic agriculture and are “ICEA” certified. Wilden.herbals infusions are the culmination of a journey that starts from producers and suppliers who guarantee the highest possible standards. Their work aims to minimize external inputs, preserving the natural fertility of the soil and supporting its natural balance.

It is the reason why in Wilden.herbs infusions you will not find any of those plants deriving from monoculture plantations, hydroponic and landless crops.

As the content of each sachet is certified organic in respect of soil fertility, we follow the same principle for its ‘dress’. Wilden.herbals is consistent with the natural philosophy that the company intends to promulgate. In fact, we set out to limit the environmental impact, trying to leave as few traces as possible. From the very fist day, Wilden.herbals has studied and developed a zero-impact packaging.

Wrap, sachet, thread and tag are completely compostable.They are not just organic waste, but are also “Ok compost – TUV” certified. Even the cases are fully recyclable as confirmed by the “FSC” certification, a brand that guarantees that the entire wood-paper supply chain derives from environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management.

In addition, on each case you will also find the UNI EN 134432 mark, the European standard of technical reference par excellence for material manufacturers, composters and certifiers. This mark indicate an attention to European and international standards of bio-degradation, which is not only a symbol, but is a concrete action of those who have decided to invest in the rediscovery and safeguarding of natural heritage. Starting from an infusion.