Sani e selvaggi

Chocolate Shortbread Tart with Hangover Baked Cream

With Wilden. herbals and Marcello Rapisardi

Marcello Rapisardi and Wilden. herbals: a sweet sweet story

Rethinking the city, starting from the sweetest things. Marcello and Francesca are two pastry chefs who love playing with ingredients. Here's what they created with Wilden. herbals teas.

Our herbal tea guide. From infusion to tea, the details that make the difference

Drinking an herbal tea is not just a ritual, it is knowledge. In this article we explain how to recognize (and prepare) the perfect herbal tea.

The fabulous world of drying

How was drying born and what is it for: a small guide to the basic steps for home drying.

Una rivoluzione al naturale

Certified organic ingredients, sourcing from producers, compostable and recyclable packaging. Here is Wilden. herbals manifesto, a project that promises to educate the world about slowness, starting from an herbal tea.

Bread, love and Hangover

with Wilden.herbals and LePolveri