Organic Pouch


Certified organic nettle cotton and silk gift pouch. This pouch is perfect to offer a tasting of Wilden.herbals herbal teas to a beloved friend. Or again to carry with you the herbal teas you want to drink throughout the day. Each pouch is handmade and hand-dyed with natural colors extracted from annatto and indigo plants, just following ancient recipes.

Size: 11x11x13 cm

“Thank you for choosing a handmade product with natural vegetable fiber fabric. We hand-dyed every piece with natural colors from plants and following ancient dyeing recipes. The natural colors infuse a pleasant feeling of energy and tranquility. Each shade or variation of color is what makes it unique. We advise you to wash it gently at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. You can use a detergent for wool or silk, previously dissolved in water. Do not expose to the sun, do not bleach. Pay attention to acid substances.”

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